"Insoumeetic": rencontres en ligne entre mélenchonistes

Site de rencontre la france insoumise, "Insoumeetic": rencontres en ligne entre mélenchonistes

History[ edit ] La France Insoumise was founded on 10 February[20] based on the belief that traditional parties and political organisations no longer serve democracy and site de rencontre la france insoumise transverse movements are needed.

Это и был Санта-Крус, квартал, ей открылась ужасающая правда: Грег величине собор в мире, а очередная блажь.

Its first meeting took place in Place StalingradParis on 5 June in the form of a march numbering about 10, people, according to the organisers. It was set in the Marseille Saint-Charles University and comprised four days of debates, conferences and workshops.


The movement debated also about its future. At the end of the Lille Convention, a synthesis of all the proposals resulted in a program of 7 axioms and measures. Members of the movement consider the Fifth Republic to be a " presidential monarchy ", in which too much power is concentrated in the office of the President of the Republicwith the people unable to exercise control over its actions.

La France insoumise

This constitutional process could also consider alternative forms of legislative elections, such as proportional representation. Constitutional and therefore institutional change is considered fundamental by the movement, which sees decreasing electoral turnout as a rejection by French people of their institutional system.

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The repeal of the El Khomri law labour reform passed in by the Second Valls government which the movement believes has ended the "hierarchy of standards" in French labour law by reversing the "principle of favor" and thus not sufficiently protecting workers. The "democratic re-founding" of the European Union treaties including changes in monetary policycommon agricultural policy and environmental policy.

Les mélenchonistes ont maintenant leur site de rencontre : “Insoumeetic”

Failing this, the program envisages a "Plan B" of unilateral exit from European treaties, followed by proposing further cooperation between countries. This transition involves shutting down France's nuclear power plantscriticized by the movement for their dependence on uranium supply, their lack of safetytheir radioactive waste management and their financial cost.

The establishment of a "green rule" not to deprive nature more than can be replenished, nor produce more than it can bear, which the movement would propose during the constituent assembly process for inclusion in the new constitution.

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The right to dismiss elected representatives by recall election when they break campaign promises, or otherwise breach standards. The movement also wishes to propose this measure during the constituent assembly process.

The protection of common goods such as air, water, food, living, health, energy or currency by preventing their commodification in order to preserve the general interest and by developing corresponding public services.

Composantes du Front de gauche[ modifier modifier le code ] Le Parti de gauchedont Jean-Luc Mélenchon fait partie, est la principale force politique impliquée dans le parti.

The separation site de rencontre la france insoumise investment and retail banks aimed at separating speculative activities from lend and deposit activities in order to protect the latter and the creation of a public banking center, which would finance small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs and carry out credit policy on social and ecological criteria. Raising the minimum wage called "SMIC" from 1, to 1, euros per month net for hour weeks and raising civil servant salaries frozen since It is based around seven axioms: a Sixth Republic; distribution of wealth ; environmental planning; withdrawal from European treaties; peace and independence; human progress; and "on the borders of humanity" ocean, [35] space and digital.

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The book rapidly entered the top 10 best-seller list by 9 December, withcopies printed. The invested candidates have signed the charter of the movement [38] as well as the ethical charter of the independent association Anticor, committed to ethics in politics, the fight against corruption and tax noncompliance. Supporters' groups, small committees responsible for promoting Mélenchon's candidacy at a local level, have been established all over France and abroad.

Dans un groupe Insoumis consacré aux législatives, une adhérente avait fait une publication dans le style d'un site de rencontre. Son message a fait beaucoup réagir, plus de commentaires, au point que l'administrateur a dû les suspendre. De fil en aiguille, on a rigolé là-dessus, j'ai créé le logo en faisant le jeu de mot puis on a créé la page".

This meeting was attended by 1, people, with several hundred more people outside unable to fit into the theatre. Political support[ edit ] La France Insoumise is not a coalition of political parties. However, several political parties, branches or individuals announced their support for the movement once its programme had been agreed and its candidate chosen, including the Left Party[46] the Socialistes insoumis [47] Ensemble!

«Insoumeetic», le groupe Facebook des rencontres insoumises

These organizations are not themselves parts of the movement. Several of its executives are organizing the campaign.

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In NovemberEnsemble! Both parties print leaflets and posters and organize meetings without being associated with the political decisions of the campaign. They noted that if Hamon won the presidency and a parliamentary majority, "the majority would be composed of those who have up to the end supported the policies of François Hollande and Manuel Valls ", adding: "Who would think that a Socialist Party majority defending Hollande's five-year term would legislate in favor of a radically different social and environmental platform?

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